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Force and Violence

Do you think that

force & violence is an answer

to the resolution of difficulties amongst people?

     If no, then you should consider studying Aikido rather than a Martial Art - for Aikido is a non-martial attitude which corresponds its physical nature with its philosophy thus presenting itself as the only true self-defense discipline extant in the the world. Kung Fu (Chinese), Karatedo (Japanese) & Taekwondo (Korean) all are Martial Arts, all predisposed to the definition of "martial" - - "showing a readiness or eagerness to fight", "having to do with war" or "having or showing an aggressive, belligerent or bellicose attitude". In fact, the linear force vs. force technique and attitude focused upon destruction of one's opponent which is prominent in those disciplines quite clearly defines them as "martial".

     What is a "self-defense" discipline? Is it skill and activity which aligns itself with an aggressive, belligerent, bellicose attitude - a "Martial Art"? Is this not seemingly oxymoronic - defense = martial - when in fact it is that "martial" is primarily offensively oriented?

     Realizing that violence risen from ignorance and iniquity will surface and must be tamed, is it not better for good relations amongst people to appropriately correct the ill mannered with "true" self-defense technique, both verbal, and when neccessary, physical, which corresponds with a non-martial attitude - something which is truly "defense".

     Perhaps then "true" defense is an attitude and skill which only aligns itself with a non-martial attitude - a "Peace Art" - AIKIDO!  And a "Peace Art" does not need to be lame. In fact, it must be very appropriately strong in philosophy and technique. Aikido is just that. How? To discover that, you must investigate it, practice it!

     Aikido's curvilinear technique combined with its philosophy to protect, sustain and enhance life is the only representation of "true self-defense" presented in the World. In 'right' thought, one may recognize it as a 'Complete Art of Peace'!

Article by Jaan Sunderlin, Shidosha, Zantoppa Kai Aikido.

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