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Schedule of Classes (Classes suspended due to dojo remodel)


This school of Aikido has its basis in the Tomiki and Hombu methods of Aikido and has been futher developed by Zantotsu Ryu Aikijujutsu. The focus at this school is the use off-balance and recovery (the fall and rise in a humans' movement) through the use of space-condition, entering and merging. Most of the techniques are done with throws and/or joint manipulation. This is not a punch-kick martial art. A large part of Aikido's roots are in Daito Ryu Aikijutsu and Kito Ryu Jujutsu. Many Aikido schools are known to be focused on the esoteric and spiritual - we place our focus elsewhere, on the aspects of technique, history and applied philosophy knowing that the formerly mentioned will naturally evolve through the practice of the latter.

Aikido is a non-aggressive (yet assertive) way. We study to help each other to improve his/her understanding and realization of self, and how that interacts with all life. We present a strong self-defense approach.

Seven Virtues of Budo

GI: The right decision, taken with equanimity, the right attitude, the truth. When one must die, we must die. Rectitude.

YU: Bravery tinged with heroism.

JIN: Universal love, benevolence toward humankind; Compassion.

REI: Right action - a most essential quality; Courtesy.

MAKATO: Utter sincerity; Truthfullness.

MELYO: Honor and glory.

CHUGO: Devotion; Loyalty.

These virtues we attempt to engender.

 Monday & Wednesday - - - 6:30- 8 pm      Sensei Neibuhr
Thursday 7pm - 8:30pm & Saturday 10:30 - 12 noon    Shidosha Sunderlin


Individual - - - $45/month
Family  - - - $65/month

The goal of our training is to overcome the "Six kinds of disease", those being:

The desire for victory;
The desire to rely on technical cunning;
The desire to show off;
The desire to pyschologically overwhelm an opponent;
The desire to remain passive in order to wait for an opening;
The desire to become free of these diseases.

To receive more information about Aikido of the Zantotsu Kai e-mail: Aiki Self-defense.