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Aikido's Oxymorons

Aikido is a non-violent martial art.

Aikido is a peaceful martial art.

As a martial art, Aikido's essence is love -
and so on, and on . .

     It seems that many Aikidoka do not really know how to describe that which they practice. Could it be that Aikido is not martial in nature, but simply aligned with the true definition of BUDO as related by O-sensei himself. It was presented by his son Kisshomaru on page 120 of his book, "The Spirit of Aikido". . . that being "to stop weapons of destruction". Perhaps out of that definition Aikido has evolved.

     What could be the importance of describing Aikido as "a non-martial attitude" fitness "art"? Isn't it quite an unjust service to Aikido to represent it with a word which quite clearly suggests imminent destruction or destruction? That word of course being "martial".

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