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Zantoppa Kai Aikido

     Aikido is a modern Japanese fitness discipline developed by Morihei Uyeshiba (1883-1969) which is based in self-defense technique.  Further in-depth development and scientific categorization of Aikido occured by Kenji Tomiki (1900-1979).  Its essence is promulgated through the concept of 'AIKI', spirit harmony, which brings the practitioner to a higher state of being to 'protect, sustain, and enhance' life. Thus, Aikido is non-competitive in nature. Through the constant practice of Aikido, the student will come to realize that the 'attitude of least destruction' is that which imparts virtue to success, thus bringing more happiness instead of sorrow to life.  The development of such an attitude is fostered in Aikido, and indeed, this is that which clearly separates it from the martial arts!  Aikido, for many people, is not a martial art but rather a non-martial attitude self-defense discipline. See Understanding Aikido & Force & Violence.

     The Zantoppa Kai is a group of people of Dan rank who are associated with Zantotsu Ryu Aikijujutsu.

     The Zantoppa Kai is an organization that makes possible an excellent presentation of Aikido to the public. Its purpose is to provide Aikido instruction to all people who wish to study it.  Its foundational doctrine is Zantotsu - "remaining & engaging" vigorously all situations in life, and its supporting precept is Tomaranu Kokoro - No stoppping spirit!

     Why study Aikido ? After a little observation, a person realizes that Aikido practice is an opportunity to vastly improve their overall fitness, and possibly even lengthen their life.  From the very first moment of Aikido practice, the student will begin to develop the smooth and spontaneous movements of Aiki, and will begin an improved state of being where his or her fears are resolved into the strength of knowing how to protect one's self. Overall, the student will improve continually his or her fitness in the areas of: awareness, balance, coordination, discipline, cardiovascular efficiency, muscular efficiency, flexibility, thinking processes, and true self-defense ability !

     The Zantoppa Kai program of Aikido study and training are based upon a successive accomplishment system which consists of the history, theory of moral philosophy and technical principle, harmonized movement exercises (aiki taiso & kokyu), techniques of defense (kata), free practice (randori) and strategy (heiho).  Teaching is organized in a manner which directs the instructor to progressively reveal Aikido to the student.  This manner of instruction helps the student towards the gradual development of a profound ability and understanding of Aikido so that he, or she, can make use of it beyond the realm of self-defense!

     Teachers - - - Sensei Mark Niebuhr (Nidan) of Bremerton Aikido. Sensei Terry Harder (Shodan) of Tacoma Aikido.  Shidosha (guide) - Jaan Sunderlin.

     Zantotsu Ryu is a school of Aikijutsu. The sensei (teachers) of Zantotsu Ryu provide instruction in kara-te waza, kubotan, hanbo, jo (Jojutsu) and yari as well as in tanto, wakisashi and katana (Kenjutsu). This RYU emphasizes defense first, then counter-attack response based in control and minimal harm to the aggressor.

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