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In Home Help

Our home IT specialist will show you how to setup & use several free software utilities that will keep your computer operating efficiently.

If you're experiencing difficulties with your computer we can:

Identify the problems.

Make recommendations concerning repairs.

Inform you where to go for hardware repairs.

Repair some software and software-hardware interaction difficulties.

Sometimes recover damage files. offers home networking services for all your entertainment and home business needs:

Evaluate your home networking needs

Make recommendations

Design your home network

Install your home network

Troubleshoot & repair your home network.

Cost of In Home Help Service

$25/hr. for qualified home entertainment and personal use customers.

$30/hr. for qualified home business customers.

Legal Information about In Home Help

Customer must be present in home during the In Home Help  visit.
Customer must secure sensitive documents and files which may reside on their computer before the In Home Help  process begins, and should back-up all important files and documents*.
Customer must authorize certain maintenance utilities to be installed on his or her computer during the In Home Help process.
Customer must have available at home a legal cd-rom copy of the Operating System present on their computer.
Customer will be required to sign an agreement which releases of liability from data loss on the customer's computer.
Customer must understand that :
Any specific problem or group of problems that may exist with the customer's computer may not be fixed or resolved by the functions of the   In Home Help process.
If computer failure occurs during the In Home Help process resulting in data loss due to mal-functional hardware, software, viruses or trojans present on the customer's  computer such is the sole responsibility of the customer (Back-up all important data before the In Home Help process begins).
All changes made to the customer's computer during the In Home Help process are reversible providing that no pre-existing hardware, software, virus or trojan problem exists that would preclude such reversal. does our best to develop and maintain a good working relationship with customer.
Due to the nature of the underlying software functions of the Personal Computer (PC), PC user mis-information, mis-configuration and accidental deletion of necessary software files, and rampant Internet virus, trojan and spyware PC invasions, the customer/business relationship might become strained.  Therefore, the development of a functional & comfortable service plan will be developed with the customer before any work begins.

* can backup your data, for any reason at any time,  with our external CD/DVD data back-up drive.

For more information send email to: Security Services.