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PC Server Firewall

Intended for - Companies or home offices with 2 or more computers which comprise a LAN with Internet access, with a cable modem, DSL router, or T1 and running a Microsoft Windows operating system without a firewall, or a Linux operating system without the firewall configured.

Service - Install and/or configure an enterprise level firewall, and provide a complete tutorial.

Why it matters - The standard user name and password protection, sometimes used or not, is easily cracked and offers little protection against Internet hackers. You should not rely upon this as your sole file system protection. You need a firewall and you need to know that it is configured correctly.

When properly configured and maintained, an enterprise firewall provides strong protection against:

Unauthorized access

Denail-of-service attacks

Attacks that crash or damage your system

Price - $475/server.

For more information send email to: Security Services.