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Bandwidth Upgrade

Intended for: Companies making the transition from a single computer system to 2-50 computers networked together and connected to the Internet.

Service - will:

Analyze your data throughput needs.

Do an equipment needs analysis and make recommendations about what equipment you should obtain.

Do a follow-up inspection of hardware installation to insure functionality.

Configure your firewall to protect you from hacker attacks.

Why it matters: The less you have to worry about your computers, the more you can do your business. The early growth of your company is a time in which you either set your network up correctly and don't have to think about it much later, or else make expensive, sometimes frustrating, and time-consuming mistakes. can save you time and money.

Price - $450 - $750, depending on the complexity of the system. A fixed-fee bid will be provided before the start of the project.

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