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Free Internet Security Checkup

Intended - Only for businesses with 2-50 networked computers with a gateway to the Internet.

Service - offers a free, 30-minute Internet security check-up for your Local Area Network (LAN) that will help to answer:

1. How visible is your Intranet to the Internet Community?

Can people outside of your organization see your internal network?

2. How secure is your gateway to the Internet?

Are you vulnerable to unauthorized access?
Are you vunerable to denial-of-service attacks?
Are you vunerable to attacks that crash or damage your computing network?

3. Are your securtiy patches up-to-date?

New system vulnerabilities are found often by security specialists. If you don't have the latest security patches, your are vulnerable to hackers who know about the latest security holes in your system.

The Quick Internet Security Check-up is free. It uses only information that anyone can get by looking at your system from the Internet. It does not involve an attempt to "hack into" your computer system and network, nor does it require that you give us any of your internal security information at all.

Why it matters - An organized attack can crash or damage your compter systems. Online (connected to the Internet) computers are being scanned continually by hackers. They are interested in your data. But they are also interested in using you computer and bandwidth to hide their identity while they attack other computers; for spamming; and to host applications such as online computer games or web sites, without your knowledge.

If our Quick Internet Security Check-Up finds no problems, you will have greater peace of mind at no cost to yourself. If we do find potential problems, we will provide you with a brief summary of our findings. If you wish, we can then contract with you for a consultation to analyze your system more completely and make recommendations for closing your security holes.

Price: FREE!

For more information send email to: Security Services.