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Internet Security Analysis

Intended for - Companies with 5-50 computers, with an established LAN and in-place security plan.

The Detailed Internet Security Analysis follows the can be your follow-up to the Free Internet Security Check-up . If a problem was found in the Free Check-up, you would have the option to continue with a Detailed Analysis to help secure your system.

Service - will:

1. Review any existing data security and data recovery plans.

2. Review the installation, maintenance or re-configuration of firewalls.

For instance, are your firewall rules being reviewed regularly?
3. Review the network design and implementation.

Is the design adequate?

How well is it implemented?

Is the equipment adequated?

    How are data transfer protocol issues handled?

4. Review the username and password policy.

5. Review which data ports are in service, and what attacks they may allow.

6. Review the remote administration policies.

Who has what level of access?

Is the remote user's access being tunneled and encrytped?

7. Review of physical security.

Who has access to what equipment and rooms under what conditions?

Is there a need for video recording of sensitive areas?

8. Review of security patches.

When new security patches become available, are they promptly installed?

9. Review the database server.

Review of data back-up plan.

Review of data recovery plan.

10. Provide written recommendations.

Cover the above topics.

Make recommendations for increased communication efficiency and security in the network design, if appropriate

Make recommendations regarding appropriate policies.

Make recommendations regarding the implementation, maintenance and oversight of appropriated policies.

Why it matters - An online attack can crash or damage your computers. Online computers are being scanned continually by hackers. They are interested in your data. But they are also interested in using your computer, network, and bandwidth to hide their identity while they attack other computers; for spamming; and to host applications such as online computer games or illegal web sites, without you knowledge.

Price - $375 - $6,000, depending on the complexity of the system. A fixed-fee bid will be provided before the start of the project.

For more information send email to Security Services.