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Mr. Jan Sunderlin
Mr. Sunderlin is a former United States Coast Guard electronics officer and an experienced systems engineer. He is familiar with all phases of networking and Internet security and highly skilled in Linux/Unix and all Microsoft platforms. His special interest and experience is Parallel Processsing, specifically Linux Beowulf.  He is proficient with Basic, C, HTML, XML and Python programming languages. Among his academic achievements is a degree in General Science from Solano College, Ca., and a Certificate of Specialization in Computer Applications from Olympic College, Wa.  As the CEO of, he provides the general direction for its business endeavors.
A professional Aiki teacher (Tomiki Aikido and Zan-totsu Ryu), he founded the Center of Many Ways (now renamed the Zan-totsu Kai), a cultural education center dedicated to the teaching of Aikido and Budo which emphasizes "right action" in a persons' life endeavors.  Additionally, he is ranked in the art of Jodo and Shiatsu.  
Mr. Sunderlin's teachers include:  
   Mr.  Douglas Morris (2nd dan, Fugakukai International), Mr. Karl Geis (President, Fugakukai International), Tsunako Miyake (8th dan Aikido, 7th dan Judo, 6th dan Jodo, Tai Chi Master), Takeshi Inoue (6th dan Tomiki, 3rd dan Judo) , Master Wu Yufou (Hungar, Hsing-I), Mr. John White (2nd dan, British Tomikiryu Aikido, 3rd dan, Zan-totsu Ryu).

Information Technology Advisors

Dr. Jerrold Prothero, Ph.D.

Dr. Jerrold Prothero is one of the few people world-wide with a Ph.D. in human-computer interfaces, earned through the Human Interface Technology Laboratory at the University of Washington. His Ph.D. research addressed fundamental issues in the design of advanced interfaces. Among other topics, he successfully demonstrated techniques for measuring the quality of virtual interfaces using psychophysics techniques and for reducing simulator sickness through visual background manipulations. His MSE in Interdisciplinary Engineering, also awarded through the HIT Lab, introduced a pioneering technique for using virtual images to treat Parkinson's Disease. This research has subsequently been the topic of  frequent televised documentaries. He holds BS degrees in Computer Science and Physics (with honors). In addition to his interface work, Dr. Prothero has extensive industrial experience as a software engineer. He has consulted on technology issues for both the private sector and the U.S. Government, including projects funded by the EPA; Air Force; Navy and Army. A chess master, Dr. Prothero enjoys analyzing and solving complex problems. He is listed in the Millenium Edition of Marquis' Who's Who in Medicine and Health Care.

Mr. Robert Smith, Information Systems Security Engineer
Past president of the Internet Business Alliance.  
Robert Smith, in a career that spans 30 years and dates to the early days of electronic commerce, has structured and managed domestic and international marketing organizations, developed 26 hardware and software products, nine of these in information security. Smith was one of the early integrators of secure retail and wholesale payment systems (including VISA credit/debit card security system that is currently in use worldwide for billions of dollars in transactions annually); one of the system integrators for SWIFT, a banking industry electronic transfer mechanism for international currency transactions; and, FEDWIRE II, used in connection with federal funds transfers among Federal Reserve member banks. In addition, Smith was CEO of Network Data Security, Inc., President of Integrated Factory Controls, Inc. and has worked for major corporations such as General Electric Company and Texas Instruments.

Mr. O. M.  Liripio, Information Technology Engineer
   Mr. Liripio has accumulated a wide range of education and skills beyond that of his 6 years at the University of Santa Cruz, Ca.  These include employment as a computer engineer, test engineer and electronics engineer.  He has worked for companies such as Apple Computer, Honeywell, Racal-Dana, XKD Display Systems, Sierra Semiconductor, Pacific Bell, Seattle City Light and Survival Incorporated, the latter being his most recent endeavor where has designed and coded software for the US military's NCB operations.  He is presently pursuing a degree in Geomatics while continuing R&D with and WRI.  His knowledge and expertise is a great advantage to and to our clients.

Mr. Brandon Darbro

Mr. Darbro is a senior computer systems administrator at Boeing Corporation in Seattle, Wa.

He assisted in the planning of the DOS DNP server migration to NT at Boeing.  Re-assigned to the HP Apollo support group working in a sysadmin environment of BSD, SysV and Aegis, and as these systems aged well beyond their intended life span began working in the Hewlett Packard HP-UX systems support group.  His move to the Boecom department took Mr. Darbro from being a contracter to being a direct employee.  Boecom assisted him to  sharpen his "ksh" skills learned from  Apollo system administration.  Learning Perl and writing Ksh scripts to automate tasks and provide tools to his co-workers and customers, his manager has placed him for top consideration as a new assistant  IT manager.

Presently he supports multiple systems for Boeing.  Those being Desktop Linux for several developers, Sun systems running various 3rd party software, HP-UX systems and the Sun E10k and Sun Sunfire servers.