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About Us


    Eastwind.net was founded in 1996 when Jaan Sunderlin, the General Director of Center of Many Ways, a non-profit advanced learning institute, led his Board of Directors to the decision to create an Internet Coffee shop.  Center of Many Ways provided the data network design and Jaan's brother Quinn, an espresso barista,  provided the coffee shop.  
     With the assistance of Mr. Brandon Darbro, an experienced computer systems administrator with Boeing Corporation, Eastwind.net was one of the first Cyber cafe's of the Pacific Northwest.  Its original name was Higashi-no-kaze, the Japanese for eastern wind.  Over a period of 5 years the activities of Center of Many Ways and Higashi-no-Kaze Cafe' evolved a business where two paths were being pursued---one of alternative education, the other of Information Technology.  Center of Many Ways was renamed to Zan-totsu Kai, and Higashi-no-kaze Cafe' to Eastwind.net.

The Eastwind Gal image on the home page

       The Higashi-no-kaze gal holds a kubotan which is a control stick for police and self-defense use.  Her lower hand holds planet Earth.
   Two artists were commissioned to bring together the concept of Aiki (harmonized energy) with that of the tele-communication revolution called the "Internet" which significantly occured in the early 1990's.  The result was this one which is placed on our home page, and the other which is the background image for the "Our Services" section of our web site.  The latter was fully realized as a full size painting which was part of the backdrop and ambiance of the Eastwind Internet Cafe.

     The triangle, circle and square figures represent the technical combat principles of Aikido, those being to:   "Enter into a combative situation with angular action,  utilize your opponents energies thru cirucular action and then, squarely end it."

     The particular form of Aikido which Mr. Sunderlin promulgates is a version of Tomiki  named Zan-totsu Kai Aikido.  The meaning of this latter is:  To "remain and engage" with a clear mind all situations in life.